Cartoon Network in Digital


World’s leading kids channel Cartoon Network re-branded and introduced a new look for itself globally. As a part of this global re-branding, Cartoon Network Turkey has chosen Proje Calide as their interactive agency to design, create and manage all of Cartoon Network Turkey’s interactive properties including their website. As a part of this global re-branding, we created and designed CN Turkey’s website as a gaming based social network for children. The central figure of this gaming based network is the achievement system that rewards children by virtual goods and coins and also badges. Children earn these virtual goods as they play games and spend more time on the platform. These virtual coins can be redeemable by getting premium games on the side and also by getting gifts and discounts from the brands who advertise on CN Turkey. As CN Turkey’s interactive agency, we carry all of the content development and management on CN Turkey’s website. This includes developing games and new products as well as the community management.

Project Details