KFC Kids’ Meal Campaign


Created a digital advertising campaign for KFC kids’ meal. A 3D game is developed and distributed with game cards to children along with KFC kids’ meal. Kids go to the game’s website, enter the code on the card and downloaded the 3D adventure game. The creative idea of the campaign was to collect all game levels by purchasing different cards along with the meals and solve the mystery behind the story of the game. By the campaign, sales jumped 175 percent.

Knorr New Years Facebook App

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An interactive Facebook application created for Knorr brand of Unilever, Ethnic Center in Germany. This fun app lets people customize new year e-cards and send to their loved ones.

Cartoon Network Augmented Reality Show

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Every year April 23th is celebrated as the International Children’s Day in Turkey. We teamed up with Cartoon Network and celebrated this special day with a breathtaking digital Augmented Reality show featuring Cartoon Network’s animated series Ben 10 Alien Force. On April 23 and 24 children who came to the augmented reality transformation arena at a mall, experienced the merge of the virtual and the physical worlds and transformed into their favorite Ben 10 Alien Force characters. The digital Augmented Reality application presented an interactive experience to children in which they came face to face with Ben 10’s notorious enemy Vilgax and battled with him. This event is amoung the first interative augmented reality show in the world. More than 30,000 fans walked into the shopping mall to experience this amazing event.

Holiday Celebration Facebook App

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A Facebook App is designed and developed for Unilever’s Global Ethnic Center. Beautifully designed interactive and personalized app lets users customize holiday celebration cards and send them to their Facebook friends by wandering around a well illustrated, nostalgic streets of their own city.

Cartoon Network in Digital

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World’s leading kids channel Cartoon Network re-branded and introduced a new look for itself globally. As a part of this global re-branding, Cartoon Network Turkey has chosen Proje Calide as their interactive agency to design, create and manage all of Cartoon Network Turkey’s interactive properties including their website. As a part of this global re-branding, we created and designed CN Turkey’s website as a gaming based social network for children. The central figure of this gaming based network is the achievement system that rewards children by virtual goods and coins and also badges. Children earn these virtual goods as they play games and spend more time on the platform. These virtual coins can be redeemable by getting premium games on the side and also by getting gifts and discounts from the brands who advertise on CN Turkey. As CN Turkey’s interactive agency, we carry all of the content development and management on CN Turkey’s website. This includes developing games and new products as well as the community management.

Unilever Video Series

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A video series produced for Unilever, Germany by our creative production team specialized in brand story-telling. 12-part video series features immigrants who live in Germany and miss taste of "home". The aim of the campaign is to connect with consumer communities living away from their native lands. Unilever Germany delivers ethnic communities the food products, which are inline with their dietary requirement with great taste, nutritional quality and authenticity.

Unilever, Ethnic Center Website

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Leading a team to develop the brand identity and create digital advertising campaigns for launching brand-new ethnic food products of Unilever in Germany and France since 2011. Along with leadership of Unilever’s CEO Paul Polman, Unilever’s Global Ethnic Centre of Excellence is established to serve consumers from different ethnic communities in all around the world.

Lipton Facebook Campaign

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We produced an interactive Facebook campaign for Lipton, called "Lipton moments". With this fun app, Lipton fans create custom postcards and send them to their loved-ones to invite them for a cup of Lipton. Each card is beautifully illustrated to reflect bright and fun "Lipton moments" and the rest is left up to users’ creativity.

Lipton Form Campaign

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We created a multi medium campaign that spans from an interactive Facebook applications to TV advertorials and commercials for the relaunch of Lipton’s Herbal Tea range. The campaign featured Hollywood’s celebrity trainer, Harley Pasternak. The customized and interactive Facebook application presents exercises and healthy living tips from Harley Pasternak. As a part of the campaign, we created 24 exercise videos, 6 TV advertorials, and 2 TV commercials.

Magnum featuring Orlando Bloom

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Proje Calide launched the Unilever Magnum ‘Pink & Black’ campaign featuring Orlando Bloom. We created the digital strategy and creative assets for the campaign, including a YouTube interactive gadget. The campaign has become the most successful online campaign for the brand’s history, directly driving sales and growing market shares.